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Trully | Tips to prevent identity theft fraud
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Beware of Identity Fraud

  • Oct 26, 2022 ● 5 minute read
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Have you ever thought that no one will ever try to steal your identity?

We tend to feel like this when we feel "immune" to certain situations such as having a traffic accident, suffering from a rare disease or even being the victim of a crime such as identity theft.

However, no one is safe from the theft of personal information, it can happen to your mother, your cousin or even you and it is generally used to commit fraud such as requesting a loan or credit on your behalf without your permission.

The personal data that can be stolen is, for example: name, telephone number, address, photographs, fingerprints, license and social security numbers, financial or medical information, as well as any other data that allows you to identify yourself.

In 2021, 1 in 2 people in the United States was a victim to this type of fraud, losing an average of $500 USD per person. Can you imagine having to pay this amount for something that you did not request?

At Trully, we understand that identity theft is a serious problem, no matter where you are. Therefore, we want to give you some tips to protect you:

  1. Constantly check your "account statements", if you identify "suspicious" movements or that you have not done, report it to your bank and if necessary go to your government regulators.

  2. Shred your personal documents (proof of address, account statements, IDs, etc.) that you no longer use. Make sure your data is not visible anymore.

  3. Visit safe and reliable sites. Check the information of the sites they visit; identity, legal name, sales and privacy policies as well as location are some data that can give you certainty that it is a reliable site.

  4. Avoid using your cards in informal businesses where they register your data. Some businesses may even sell your information without you even knowing.

  5. Periodically check your credit history in the credit bureau, if you notice something strange, go to your bank and request a clarification.

  6. Activate multiple authentication factors for your accounts. This can be, for example, logging in with a unique key that you can receive through SMS from your banking service provider.

…And there goes a bonus. Did you know that you can ask the INE not to have your address appear on your voting card? so you can avoid sharing your information with anyone.

At Trully we are committed to fighting identity fraud. Therefore, we constantly develop new technologies to verify and validate the real information of our users. Like this, we are able to protect you against the unauthorized use of your personal data. Be vigilant against the theft of personal information.

  • Author: Carl W. Handlin - CTO
    Engineer and developer of products that combine data and artificial intelligence to combat digital fraud in the Latin American financial ecosystem.

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