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We harness the power of data to identify potential fraudsters.

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A New Era Starts Now

Fraudsters are constantly looking for new and sophisticated ways to attack your company in an organized manner.

Face Analysis

Analysis of applicants faces with the faces of our network to significantly reduce phishing fraud and past due payments.

Selfie face analysis of a girl with glasses


Spoofing Detection

Prevent your users from wearing masks to impersonate someone else.

Fraudster Detection

Avoid granting credits to fraudsters detected in other companies.

Duplicate Detection

Avoid having duplicate users in your database.

ID Analysis

Compare the information entered by your users not only with the same ID but also with the information we have in our network.

Several IDs with document analysis


OCR (Data Extraction)

Digitize official identification information.

Analysis of ID information

Validates the information before government institutions (CURP and RFC).

Data Enrichment

Increase in the assertiveness of your machine learning models through valuable information from your users and other data sources.

Network of users and data



Enrich valuable information based on the user location.

Phone Number

Verify that the phone number has not been reported as fraud or abuse.

IP Address

Check if your user is using a VPN and identify IPs with a high fraud rate.


Know the lifetime of the email and identify fraudulent or temporary emails.


Get a device score that includes price, age and range to get to know your users better.


Check that the address entered by your users is real and detect missing information.

Taxpayer Registry

Verify that the federal taxpayer registry (RFC) exists and that it is not on any blacklists.

Government Registry

Verify that the user registry id (CURP) is real and belongs to your user.

Decision Making

We help you make the best decision to avoid fraud, automating the process and reducing the load on validation tables.


Identity Fraud Prevention Model

Make automated decisions to keep your business protected.

Complete Solution

Looking for next-level custom solutions? Let us know! We are here to help you get the most out of our tools.

Collective Intelligence

Our collective intelligence makes an exhaustive search between different data sources to determine if the user is a fraudster.

Easy Implementation

Without causing additional friction to your end user or your current onboarding.

Immediate response

Because we value your time and that of your clients.

Data Enrichment

Through different data sources we identify patterns of fraudulent behavior.

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At Trully we provide effective solutions and immediate against fraud: easy to implement and without additional steps, because we value your time and that of your customers.

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